Working Groups

Derivatives Working Group

Palm Oil and Palm Kernel Oil are very versatile, which is evidenced by how many ingredients contain even small fractions and derivatives of palm. NASPON formed the Derivatives Working Group after recognizing the shared challenges NASPON members faced in sourcing sustainable derivatives, engaging suppliers throughout the supply chain on derivatives, and a lack of tools for supply chain actors to establish a baseline understanding of which ingredients often contain derivatives or fractions of palm oil or palm kernel oil. 

Education and Outreach Working Group

Achieving 100% Certified Sustainable Palm Oil/Palm Kernel Oil (CSPO/CSPKO)supply chains in North America requires bringing all stakeholders on board, including suppliers, consumer goods manufacturers, and even consumers. This can be challenging when many stakeholders are at different stages of their journeys with different levels of understanding of CSPO/CSPKO. The Education and Outreach Working Group works to create tools and resources to simplify information about the RSPO, Supply Chain Certification, and CSPO/CSPKO so that it is easier for stakeholders and consumers to quickly understand and act. 

Segregated Supply and Uptake Working Group​

Many companies have set policies and targets to source RSPO Segregated Palm oil. While there are challenges and opportunities with all certified sustainable supply chains, North American stakeholders have a lot of questions about the segregated supply chain. The Segregated Supply and Uptake Working Group aims to support and oversee identifying if/how a segregated supply chain can help to transform the industry and impact communities on the ground.